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Why is the name changing from the Virtual College to the Virtual Campus?

The term "College" is more clearly used when specifically talking about the name of the entire institution: Shoreline Community College. The Virtual Campus is an initiative within the college that strives to extend campus services and instruction by utilizing virtual technologies. The term "Virtual Campus" is used to market those virtual options to potential new students. The term also is used internally to build a culture inside the institution of a campus that is transforming itself to meet 21st-century student needs for a flexible and convenient learning environment.


How does the Virtual Campus Initiative differ from eLearning Services?

The Virtual Campus initiative is a broad college commitment that strives to improve the entire student experience, from pre-enrollment to post-enrollment, by leveraging virtual technologies. eLearning Services is one department involved in the Virtual Campus initiative, as are other departments like Enrollments Services, the Public Information Office, and all instructional divisions. eLearning Services is a specific department that supports online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced students and faculty with their technical, instructional design, media, and targeted support service needs. Virtual options are necessary for eLearning students, especially online students, but should extend to and have historically benefitted on-ground students too.


How do our two top strategic initiatives complement each other?

Both initiatives strive to bring a Shoreline education to the globe. The Virtual Campus extends the learning environment beyond geographic boundaries, potentially to the entire globe, and the International Initiative, in part, brings students from around the globe into the bricks-n-mortar campus. When both initiatives work together, a Global Campus is born.