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Virtual Campus


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Virtual Campus Initiative

Our Goal


The Virtual Campus aspires to improve the entire student experience, from pre-enrollment to post-enrollment, by leveraging virtual-delivery technologies.



Our Purpose


The Virtual Campus is dedicated to empowering a wide range of learners to succeed by increasing access to high quality and innovative educational experiences, complemented by a full suite of support services, all offered at times and places most convenient to learners.



Our Principles

  • Student Success: Empower learners to succeed and persist by leveraging virtual technologies in ways that enhance the quality of educational experiences and support services offered.
  • Access: Expand access to education, and everything our campus offers, by leveraging virtual-delivery formats in ways that provide greater flexibility and convenience for learners.
  • Sustainability: Provide cost-effective options for students while supporting a sustainable return on investment for the institution.
  • Innovation: Build a culture of innovation by exploring emerging pedagogies and practices that hold the promise of improving student success, educational access, and/or sustainability of the initiative by leveraging virtual-delivery formats.


Our Connection to the College’s Core Themes

  • Educational Attainment / Student Success
  • Program Excellence
  • Community Engagement
  • Access and Diversity
  • College Stewardship


Download the Virtual Campus Initiative Infographic here.