New Faculty Orientation




Student Services

Getting Started

Goals for New Faculty Orientation

New faculty who attend a New Faculty Orientation session or review this online material will become:


  1. Familiar with the Vision, Mission, and Core Themes of Shoreline Community College and able to see how faculty sustain those values in their work.
  2. Acquainted with the physical locations of key Student Support Services such as the library, tutoring, registration, financial aid, student engagement center, student leadership center, and eLearning, and with some of the College personnel who provide these services, in order to be able to refer students for appropriate support.
  3. Knowledgeable about the professional rights and responsibilities of Shoreline Community College faculty and able to apply professional standards to common workplace situations.
  4. Conversant with important Federal laws and regulations surrounding higher education to ensure compliance with these laws and regulations.
  5. Able to construct a course syllabus that conforms to College policies and procedures.