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Web Development

The Communications & Marketing Office is the Place to Go

Contact us if you want to:

  • make new web pages,
  • significantly revise existing web pages or,
  • restructure the navigation of your program's area of the website.

To do all that, here is how we work. 


Writing for the Web

The way we communicate depends upon the medium. The same message will be crafted differently according to where it appears. For example, a weighty paragraph might work in a book or even a blog, but not on a typical web page, a post card, digital sign or a Facebook post. "One of the very few well-documented facts about Web use is that people tend to spend very little time reading most Web pages.1" Here are some resources to learn more about this topic:

A Word About Navigation

When we look at a website, we usually judge it page by page. We don't always consider that the content on the page before us cannot exist except in relation to all the other pages on a website. In other words, when building and organizing a website, we must consider where a page lives in relation to others, and that means making navigation work.


The college website currently has over 11,000 pages. With all available resources, Communications & Marketing, in consultation with the Web Workgroup, is gradually introducing improved navigational structure with each new project. Being a living information and technological organism, any operation conducted upon the site must occur with great care and consideration in order to preserve its overall function and usability.


1Steve Krug stating his professional experience on this page while citing Jakob Nielsen.