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What is Twitter?  


Twitter is a mini blog because you’re limited to just 140 characters, hence the term “micro blogging”. Please inform the Public Information Office of your intention to use Twitter. As the hub of College communication to the public, working with the Communications and Marketing (CM) office will make possible inter-departmental collaboration, cross-pollination of content, magnification of publicity, equal distribution of customized functionality, and sharing of expertise.


Who uses Twitter?

Not teenagers, yet. Have a look at a blog post by the Chronicle of Higher Education, a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, and more recent research by Noel-Levitz & partners.


Getting Started

If you wish to tweet as the voice of a college program or service area, please contact us. We will discuss setting up an account for you. This will allow PIO to:

  1. synergize your efforts with college-wide communication efforts
  2. demonstrate & implement functionality upon request
  3. track what Shoreline Community College has on Twitter
  4. assist in the event of emergency
  5. create a custom URL for use in promotional materials
  6. distribute customized functionality
  7. troubleshoot technical or social media issues


Profile Picture

You'll need a photograph or image that is relevant to your department, class or group. Do not create any unique logos. Images need to be 48-700k in size, and ideally, square in shape. See Twitter’s photo help page for more details. If you are also using Facebook for your college-related communicating, consider using your Facebook photo for consistency between both social media channels.


Follow other Shoreline Accounts

You will be looking for Twitter followers so start by following other SCC-related Twitter accounts with your department/class/group profile. This will make it easier for people to discover you and other Shoreline Community College news and information, and display its diversity. CM keeps a list of Shoreline Twitter accounts.


Leverage Twitter and Facebook

If you are also doing Facebook, a Twitter account can be set up to automatically feed your Facebook page.


Tweet from your Browser

Tweeting can be quick and easy. Download a convenient “extension” to install into your browser and off you go!



Tweet from you Phone

Download the official Twitter application for Apple, Android or Blackberry.