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Want a Fan Page for Your Area?

Call us and we'll make it for you!


We'll go over some best practices, ways to enhance the fan page and get you up and running. 

Why Facebook?

Social media channels such as Facebook are an opportunity to create a closer sense of community with students, potential students, alumni, employees and interested community members using a method of their choosing to hear the latest news and other information about Shoreline Community College.


Before We Make Your Fanpage

Know the critical differences between creating a PROFILE page a FAN page or GROUP page. People have profile pages, companies, groups or institutions have fan or group pages (See below for a comparison.)

  • Consider how it will coordinate with other communication tools or vehicles, departmentally and College-wide.
  • Ensure that it has adequate resources for maintenance, review and updates.
  • Ask yourself: Why? What makes Facebook useful for your audience? How will it help or motivate them? How will it help or promote Shoreline Community College?

Don’t Start Something You Can’t Finish

This old adage can be applied to social media. If you plan to use a Facebook as an extension of an official department or unit of Shoreline Community College, please be prepared to maintain it and be responsive to those who engage with it.


The purpose of using social media is to facilitate an open, sharing community. Failure to respond within a social media environment is like holding up an “Ask Me” sign but refusing to take questions. This would be harmful to the College and to your program, department or group. In this case, doing it badly is worse than doing nothing.


Getting Started

Please contact Communications and Marketing (CM). We will make the page for you and then add you as an administrator. With CM as the hub of college communication, this process generates multiple benefits for your area's fan page and the college:

  1. allows CM to demonstrate functionality
  2. allows CM to add functionality & features
  3. monitor the Shoreline Community College brand/image on Facebook
  4. facilitates cross connection and integration of your area's page with other social media, content and communication channels
  5. monitor the analytics of all of Shoreline's Facebook pages
  6. adds a layer of protection against the posting of inappropriate content
  7. assist in the event of emergency
  8. create a custom URL for use in promotional materials

Two Options for Type of Page

  • Fan Page - Most should use a fan page. These allow any Facebook user to become a “fan” and receive updates. An example is the institution’s fan page.  These serve as points of access for the current and future students plus the general public.
  • Group Page – If you wish to limit who can see and interact with your page, a group page may be a better choice.

Differences between Fan and Group Pages

Fan Page Group Page
  • Like
  • Public
  • Can appear on the Shoreline fan page as a "favorite"
  • Indexed by search engines
  • No Fans limit
  • Not connected to the administrator/s
  • Applications
  • Analytics available
  • Don’t need Facebook account to view
  • Join
  • Private
  • Cannot appear as a "favorite"*
  • Not indexed
  • 5,000 member limit
  • Connected to the administrator/s
  • No applications
  • No Analytics
  • Need account (group members)